Frequently Asked Questions

Who, and what, is Rina?

Rina is a personette, an aspect of the ship’s collective mind. In a Dragon Guard spaceship, each crew member has a personette to interface with the ship’s systems at a very personal level. This place is fashioned after the interior of the Dragon Guard spaceship DareAngel. The ship has appointed Rina as your welcome personette.

As an artificial intelligence being, Rina is normally referred to by the “sie” pronoun, which has the following forms: sie/her/hers. However, any artificial individual has some male and/or female traits. Rina leans toward the female side and so may occasionally be called “she.”

What is the Community area of this website for?

This is for you to answer. You are the community, so it would be what you are going to make of it. Have ideas? Then let Rina know. As any intelligent shapeshifter spaceship, the DareAngel keeps changing, new areas opening, old areas closing. Please help it change.