Foes of Reality Review of Pink Noise

Miranda at Foes of Reality reviewed Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale. At first, like Alice, she “was feeling rather lost until I found the key to Leo’s code: […] Pink Noise is science as prose poetry.” She even suggested a soundtrack!

“How does it feel — to be a ray of light? You’re cutting through the plasma of the solar wind at nearly the speed of light in a vacuum. The distances have shrunk. You’re a pulse of signals, ones and zeroes. A frozen state of mind.” (Suggested soundtrack)

Does that turn you on? Then drop out and tune in to Leonid Korogodski’s Pink Noise. He will take you down the rabbit space tube to land in the psyche of a transhuman doctor charged with healing a young girl in a coma. Let me disabuse you of any notion you might have that the novel takes place in a pink landscape of sugar and spice and everything nice. There is a battle afoot for the control of Mars, and this girl is the key.

You can find the rest of the review here:

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